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Ginkgo interview on Planete +

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A 1400 years old ginkgo tree








This ginkgo tree is located within the walls of the Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple in the Zhongnan Mountains in China.





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Circular checklist


Circular Economy Conference in Brussels on 25 June 2015

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European Commission will present an ambitious circular economy strategy in late 2015The Commission is aiming to present a new, more ambitious circular economy strategy late in 2015, to transform Europe into a more competitive resource-efficient economy, addressing a range of economic sectors, including waste.The proposal will be fully aligned with the priorities of the new Commission. The Commission is engaged in a thorough reflection on how the objective of circular economy can be reached in an efficient way that is fully compatible with the jobs and growth agenda.

The new strategy will include a new legislative proposal on waste targets, taking into account the input already given to us during public consultations, and by Council and in Parliament, in particular the comments made by many that the previous proposals needed to be more country-specific.

More information: Circular economy roadmap

As part of the process, the Commission is launching a public consultation on the subject from the 28th May until the 20th August 2015.

CLOSING THE LOOP – Circular Economy: boosting business, reducing waste

The Commission is organising a Circular Economy Conference in Brussels on 25 June 2015. The conference is open to all stakeholders wishing to contribute in shaping the European economy policy making. It will consist of a plenary session with keynote from circular economy experts and business and civil society representatives, followed by a series of split up sessions addressing specific aspects of the circular economy, and it will be closed by a panel.

Please note that attendance is free but registration is required. More details are available on the Registration website or you can contact the event mail box:GROW-ENV-CIRCULAR-ECONOMY-CONFERENCE-2015@ec.europa.eu

Since the industrial revolution, waste has constantly grown. This is because our economies have used a “take-make-consume and dispose” pattern of growth – a linear model which assumes that resources are abundant, available and cheap to dispose of.What is a circular economy?

What we need is a more circular economy.  This means re-using, repairing, refurbishing and recyclingexisting materials and products. What used to be regarded as ‘waste’ can be turned into a resource. The aim is to look beyond waste and to close the loop of the circular economy. All resources need to be managed more efficiently throughout their life cycle.

Using resources more efficiently will also bring new growth and job opportunities. Better eco-design, waste prevention and reuse can bring net savings for EU businesses of up to EUR 600 billion, while also reducing total annual greenhouse gas emissions. Additional measures to increase resource productivity by 30% by 2030 could boost GDP by nearly 1%, while creating 2 million additional jobs.

Moving towards a circular economy is at the heart of the resource efficiency agenda established under the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The main ideas on how to do more with less are being taken further in the EU’s Environment Action Programme to 2020.



Source: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/circular-economy/index_en.htm

Circular economy package will push quality plastics recycling in EU

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The PRE President, Ton Emans, said that “2015 will be an important legislative year for unlocking the potential of plastics recycling. Quality is a key enabler at all the product stages. Firstly, a products recyclability must be improved via its eco-conception. Secondly, after decades of plastics waste management seeing low recycling quality, collection and quality sorting must now be harmonised and standardised across Europe. Finally, the plastics recyclers must also continue producing quality recyclates and standardise their operations in order to serve the plastics markets in Europe. This EU Circular economy package will boost green jobs in Europe and stimulate innovation in the plastics industry.”

Given this, Plastics Recyclers Europe together with Crain Communications have decided to launch the first European Plastics Recycling Show in Brussels on November 25th -26th 2015. This event will be the primary event for plastics recyclers and will bring together the entire value chain to expose the potential in plastics recycling (Plastics Recycling Europe Show).

Circular econ. package will push quality plastics recycling in EU_PRE 21.11.2014.pdf

Source: Plasticrecyclers.eu

European Commission to decide fate of circular economy package

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The circular economy package, which was tabled in July, includes an 80% recycling target for packaging by 2030 and a ban on sending recyclable materials to landfill by 2025.

Green groups maintain that the anti-competitiveness argument put forward by some in big business is wrong-headed. They point to a recent report (pdf) prepared by consultancy firm McKinsey and the non-profit Ellen Macarthur Foundation, which puts the economic gain from material savings alone at over $1tn per year. Half a million jobs are already created by the recycling industry in the EU, the report also points out.

“Europe is geologically resource poor [so] there is a lot of scope to try to move towards an economic development [model] that would be decoupled from the consumption of resources and move more towards the reuse of the resources we already have”


Source: the Guardian

Can the umbrella be improved?

Some useful facts from this article appeared on BBC website:


Parasols were used to offer shade from the sun more than 3,000 years ago in Egypt.


Umbrellas to protect from rain thought to have been invented in ancient China.


Largely used as a woman’s accessory, until mid-18th Century, when English traveller Jonas Hanway bucked the trend. Despite initial mockery, other men began to use them.


First single-purpose umbrella shop, James Smith and Sons, opened in London’s New Oxford Street in 1830, and is still in business.


In the 1950s, nylon canopies, which do not rot, came into use as an umbrella covering; material’s strength allowed development of golf umbrella in the 1970s.


The UK’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents does not keep figures on umbrella accidents, but it warns against using them in exposed areas during lightning storms.


Research at Australia’s Monash University in 2012 found an average of 20 umbrella-related injuries a year across 38 accident and emergency wards. There were “no recorded fatalities”, but several people suffered eye injuries. Eekman says her company and others are working to reduce such risks.


Umbrellas made out of plastic bags!

A company from jakarta made this useful products


Green is the new black – BrellaBox umbrella sharing is making rainy days easier

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‘brellaBox is an umbrella share service that makes it easier, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly, for city dwellers to use umbrellas. ‘brellaBox was co-founded by New York city residents, John O’Connor and Anusha  Kambhampaty. Rather than continuing to purchase flimsy umbrellas from street vendors, John and Anusha decided to create ‘brellaBox as an eco-friendly alternative. When rolled out across NYC, ‘brellaBox will allow New Yorkers to rent a high quality umbrella from numerous strategically located dispensing stations. When the sun comes out, umbrellas can be returned to the nearest ‘brellaBox, which can be found using the ‘brellaBox app.