A new wave of carbon accounting services

Here is an excerpt from Axios’ article on the new wave of carbon accounting services, which are capitalising on the problem seen by companies facing pressure from new carbon regulations and customer expectations.

“Precisely tallying greenhouse gas output — and crafting strategies for reducing it — requires complex data gathering and analytics that many companies aren’t equipped to do in-house.”

What they’re saying: “Basically every dollar businesses spend is now going to be filtered through this lens of carbon impact,” Watershed co-founder Taylor Francis said in an interview.

  • “That’s because of investor demand. It’s because of regulatory expectation. It’s because of expectations from customers and employees,” he said. “It’s trillions and trillions of dollars per year that’s going to change direction based on climate as a lens.”
  • Francis said clients are using Watershed to figure out steps like redesigning supply chains, choosing new vendors, and changing materials and ingredients in products.”

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