Circular retail platform for systemic change

Continued is a digital retail platform that allows fashion brands to facilitate takebacks, renting and reselling products.
From Danish Design Centre “Designing the irresistible circular society”

Continued offers an all-in-one resale solution that enables fashion brands to
integrate circular retail models like rental or peer-to-peer resale. Their full-service
solution is a white-label digital platform that is easily integrated into a
brand’s existing sales channel and skinned according to its visual guidelines.
The platform is a turn-key ecosystem that monitors the afterlife of customer
and product behaviour and helps the brand to understand how to stay relevant
on the journey – and monetize on all activities.
Continued’s mission is to create a new consumption model in the fashion
industry that:
• reduces resource consumption
• matches consumer behaviour
• demonstrates that sustainability is good business
• extends product life and thus minimizes vulnerability to global events like
Recirculating clothes is the most efficient way of reducing the fashion industry’s
footprint. Continued has helped many international brands implement
circular retail in their core business.